I/WS: A Family Business

Claudia Weitsman and Doug Irvine started this company from their home in 2002. Five of the six kids grew up in this office, whether it was in an office building or the garage. Claudia was answering calls and running the office with an infant on her shoulder. This family business has been the backbone of our family for 15 years with Doug commuting to jobs all over Southern California, and even enduring the torture of surveying on Catalina Island.

Doug’s son Dane graduated from being a high school chainman to a party chief to a draftsman and now runs point on all of our projects. Claudia’s daughter Sarah has put some serious sweat and toil into organizing the file room and electronic systems with the thousands of jobs I/WS has completed over the years and is currently acting as administrative consultant.

Our family looks forward to serving you and your family for years to come.

Family, funds, and lot lines

During the distribution of an estate, land may be involved. Lots are often split up and merged back together depending on the wishes of the deceased and executors of the estate. These projects usually involve a boundary survey with extra parameters and research. We get no joy from starting family feuds, so we use respectful diligence in determining the lot size(s).

We also provide legal testimony if the case goes to court. Our licensed surveyor, Bruce Bornemann, can provide an expert account of the map and the work involved in the project.


Fence Lines and Property Lines are Not the Same

When you’re adding or modifying a fence for your property, verifying your property lines is paramount, and this can be tricky. Property lines can be based on old fences and old markers that may have been moved or replaced over the years and are no longer accurate according to your legal deed. We have years of experience researching and verifying property lines through out the greater Palos Verdes area and all over southern California. Contact us for help.

Your Neighbor’s Tree

Does your neighbor have a tree that hangs over the fence into your yard? Have you wondered whether it’s actually on your property? Have you always wondered what your real lot line was and what you could do about that tree?

What you should not do: start cutting down your neighbor’s tree.

What you should do: call us at (310) 791-0904

What we’ll do: a boundary survey to determine the legal property lines. We’ll draw up a map showing the location of the tree and where it sits relative to the property boundary.