I/WS: A Family Business

Claudia Weitsman and Doug Irvine started this company from their home in 2002. Five of the six kids grew up in this office, whether it was in an office building or the garage. Claudia was answering calls and running the office with an infant on her shoulder. This family business has been the backbone of our family for 15 years with Doug commuting to jobs all over Southern California, and even enduring the torture of surveying on Catalina Island.

Doug’s son Dane graduated from being a high school chainman to a party chief to a draftsman and now runs point on all of our projects. Claudia’s daughter Sarah has put some serious sweat and toil into organizing the file room and electronic systems with the thousands of jobs I/WS has completed over the years and is currently acting as administrative consultant.

Our family looks forward to serving you and your family for years to come.

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